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SegMate Checkbox

Step 1:

Select INTEGRATIONS from the main menu, and click the add button from the top right to integrate the service.

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Step 2:

Give a nickname, Select SegMate from the dropdown, Write your SegMate account's EMAIL & PASSWORD, and hit the Save button. 

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Step 3:

Click the settings button from the top right of the checklist.

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Step 4:

Select Integrations from Side Menu, Select your SegMate account, Fan Page, and Checkbox from the dropdown, and click the save button to apply the changes.

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Step 5:

When using the SegMate checkbox you must define the whitelist domain for this checkbox inside the Segmate checkbox settings. 

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Step 6:

Also, add this domain inside the SegMate Whitelisted Domains section.

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