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How to integrate with Mailvio?

Step 1:
Go to the INTEGRATIONS from the main menu.

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Step 2:

Click the add button from the top right to integrate the service with your checklist.

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Step 3:

Go to the Mailvio account and CLICK the API Details from the left side menu then copy the API KEY by clicking the COPY button.

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Step 4:

Name your service (Reference).

Select the Mailvio from the SELECT SERVICE dropdown.

Paste the copied API KEY from the Mailvio account and click the SAVE button.

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Step 5:

Go back to Checklist and select any Checklist by clicking Editor Link.

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Step 6:

Go to Checklist Settings from the top right of the Checklist.

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Step 7:

SELECT Integration from the Side menu, Select your Service & the list from the dropdown, and click the SAVE button.

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Note: When someone subscribes to your CHECKLIST, the lead will be transferred to your Mailvio account.