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How to install and use Wordpress plugin?

In order to use the Wordpress plugin, it is very simple just follow these steps:

1. Download and install the plugin (from your account)

2. Enter the API key (Can be found in My Account page of KuickList).

3. This video shows how you can create a new page inside your Wordpress and publish any of your Checklist.

Now, if you open the Wordpress page, it will display the KuickList Checklist instead of your page content. It is a good way to use your own domain.

Please note that the plugin caches the data and you might need to clear the cache before you can see all of your checklists. Here is how you clear the cache:

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Note: We are working with the Wordpress team to get the KuickList plugin listed to the official Wordpress directory. That will allow automatic updates to the plugin without any issue.